A lost soul (Poem)

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A lost poor soul seeking redemption in a land where salvation is up for gold.

A lost poor soul, his widow’s mite can’t get him what he wants, no justice for he who can’t afford.

A lost poor soul, gaze on the sunset, his world’s sun never rose.

A lost poor soul, succour is no where near, joy is to him unknown.

A lost poor soul, all he ever craved was happiness, all ever wanted was what he wants.

A lost poor soul, threading the valley of the shadows of those with his platinum plates and he can’t even have a food on a plate.

A lost poor soul, smiles, roams, wanders, nods to the bests none other listens…

A lost poor soul, walks on, hoping not on better days but on rapture day or that his breath be taken, his pains gone way past maiden it’s amazing how he ain’t 6feet yet but still breathing in this agony.

A lost poor soul just wants relief, eyes open or closed.

A lost poor soul just wants a home.

©Cirphrank. It’s time to sleep.

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