Beta Yarn Shop, simply put is an online mart, a lite, simple and efficient piece of a form of commerce system.

It is an outreach, but we are not speaking of a church here.


Hi there, I am Frank, a privileged representative of the Beta Yarn Shop Team, on this page I will be making known to us all as brief as possible what the heaven Beta Shop as already dubbed by a couple of folks is doing here anyway.

First off, Beta Yarn Shop is a subsidiary of the Beta Yarn Online Platform. The Beta Mart, has one sole aim that has gotten it the nickname with which it is being launched with, The Brass Tacks. Aim is to tackle the discrepancies that is hindering smooth delivery of what should be the basic user experience seamlessly delivered in any ecommerce system. SIMPLICITY.

It is no news that most people fear buying online at this age mostly because they either see it so complex a system, the stress of ordering scares them or fear of having their order botched and their money possibly hanging and turning out tasky to retrieve, also is the issue of quality of goods delivered plus the turnaround time for delivery.

It is with the consideration of effectively tackling all of these worries in mind that the Beta Yarn Shop was set up, an outreach, to meet the needs truly with zero worry attached. Hence it is aimed towards helping out the youths in the simplest but yet efficient form. To offer the products they desire most, at quality yet pocket buddy prices, and lightning fast delivery.

How Do We Intend To Achieve This?

Most desired products.
Realizing which products are most desired was not really a herculean one to figure, once the audience was narrowed down to the everyday youth that uses the internet whom no less than about 68.2 percent of them are students or university aspirants. Example: “Everyone” wants to be plugged in listening to good music, the demand for headphones and its likes are not going to be dwindling anytime soon. (We even kicked off the store with them)

Quality yet pocket buddy prices.
In order to achieve this, we have gone into the line of partnering with local retailers whose goods are readily available for quality control, thorough inspection and other modalities. And the price? be calm, these folks won’t be charging you for overseas shipping, no! not at all, in actual fact, delivery within the UNIVERSITY OF BENIN is actually free!

Lightning fast delivery.
With youths with zeal for what they do on the delivery team, stock readily available within quick reach, it is no hype that you can get what you order for within a school environment in max of 30 minutes, also possible, as low as 5 minutes, whatever is displayed on the mart, is simply waiting for you to choose it, then say no more.

Are we not missing something? … oh  yes! the seamless, easy transaction!

I have that in purple color for that function is just outright royal, and of course for royalties such as yourself. With the platform running on a reputable foreign server, laced with a valid Comodo SSL Certificate, you can be rest assured your transactions are secured, no leaking of personal details that keeps your order checked to your person through a one time 1 minute quick registration, also is the payment system safe, as it is powered by a champion in the company, PayStack. Hence, looking keenly at it, you will see that we have your interest at heart and covered from every angle!

What type of goods will Beta Yarn Shop be offering? + in what region?

Yes, our delivery team have the capability of covering only Edo for now, but we still deliver physical goods to places outside Edo too, alternatives are employed. Free Shipping In UNIVERSITY OF BENIN.

How Many Categories Of Products Are Available?
For the now, this is a big vision starting on a mini scale, there are categories but they are not displaced outright on the shop, for they are of no priority for now, we only have a short list of variety of products available for sale and they are displaced outrightly on the shop page and the slider that is under the site’s header.

What are the payment methods available?

-Cash On Delivery

-Bank Transfer

-Online Payment


Do you sell second-hand/fairly used items?

No, all items on sale on The BETA MART are new.


The Buy Process.


We do not intend to make you linger on here any longer, so we’ll leave you to go relishing the sweet services the eMart has to offer already.

Be sure of something though, and that is:


And that is it dear friend, thank you for making history with us. We could use every help we can get, consider clicking the link below.

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