Love And Other Strings

Oyima, you make me forget my pain – you be ibuprofen? -REWORD I have no long talk to give about this yet another beautiful piece of work by Reword, he came through hard as usual with every expressive psych wordplays. I can’t get used to him stunning me, he’s always lit. Just cop the EP […]

Happy New Year (updates)

No, it’s not too late, still the first month and here’s the first post off the blog for the year after all. But am I sorry I didn’t do this earlier? that gets an absolute yes. But there has been a whole lot keeping the administration of this platform busy, albeit, it’s for the betterment […]

Learning Love.

Love comes, at moments we never expect Like in a car park or working on a projector even in a classroom to a child too youngand so, when I was way too youngto understand what love really wasCupid found me, with her sharp arrows When you fall “in love” with someonewho is way out of […]

PBG5ONE TVC – Happiness

ME AND HAPPINESS So it is painless to get a box or bar of chocolate, a new tie, gifting of clothing you so admired from friends and family and at that point would confirm and know you’re happy. Come on, how won’t you be happy?  Passed an exam, got an email confirming your attendance to […]


Once upon a vintage of black and white A time when the air was stiff with violence A season of vengeance and dark Knights Everything was tolerable but tolerance The Elders sat on low stools with hurt painted in their eyes And the youths inches lower with limbs crossed Ears pricked to hear the ache […]

My Father Has Two Lives – Ola TheRAWPoet

What if I ask you about your father? “I once asked my friend to tell me about his dad; afterward, it dawned on him that, that is one of the most difficult questions he’s ever had to answer & it’s not because he didn’t have what to say.This is an ode! Maybe not for Fathers Day. But it […]

Find Love (3)

When the people who sing melodies of love into your ears become the people who make dirges from memories of you, be still. When the people who lock hands with yours and throw the keys in the bottom of their hearts become the very ones who add full stops at the end of every symphony […]

Find JOY (2)

When it seems like your life is interwoven with misery and the hope of good living a mystery, be still. Miseries are mere China plates. When your heart becomes a lump of burning coal, Or worse a fiery furnace, don’t fret! Don’t you see that the colors of the flames are still beautiful? When your […]

Find you (1)

When the picture of you becomes a blur to you, do not fret. Your photographer is standing across from you waiting for you to focus on his lens and stand still. Be still. Let your nostrils consume the portion of air that was meant for you, Breathe in, breathe out and live. You are the only one that […]


He waited for a year for me because I was still in a relationship with my first love. I told him everything about my relationship because I saw him as a friend. My first love cheated on me with two ladies and I decided to end the relationship. We became very close and he officially […]