The Fine Act (flash writing)

Theoretically rich, practically poor. The scenario was enough fuel for him to take it all, after all, he claimed he loved all. Oh, how he gnashed and gasped, held on to what seemed to them as nothing, and when they thought they had him, within their grasp was a fistful of air. For when the […]


I grew up in a polygamous home. My Dad had two other wives that lived in other parts of the country. I was the first child of my mum, I had five other siblings. I had just one brother who was the last child. We lived in a two-room apartment in a remote village in […]

Grace… What is it?

Many misinterprete what Grace stands for and even many more abuse it. But Grace was never, is never, and will never be a license to sin. –Cirphrank Grace is man Gaining Righteousness At Christ Expense, never forget: you don’t earn it! You a Christian? Well it came with the package, yes, becoming a believer comes […]