I like beautiful, you.

I like beautiful placesPhotos of such places gets my heart racingI like beautiful facesTheir smiles are a like rain drops on heated surfaces.– Relief. I like PaMa, GrandmaEven though I barely see the formerAnd the latter is late and I only saw her once in 2 decades.– Family. I like silence, the quiet, ah… erm…Except […]

GAME OVER by Livingstone Imonitie

There is a time to be born and a time to die. I know life is hard, and it seems nothing goes to plan. Nevertheless, never give up at the challenges that come your way. Giving up is a tale even babes abhor, But if you continue to fight day by day, There’s a chance […]


IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER (PART 2) by Endurance Victor She went home that evening after their first meeting, thinking about all that happened. Lying down comfortably on her well-laid bed, she smiled and asked herself this question “could this be love?” The next day, she got a text from him informing her that he […]


IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER by Endurance Victor. He welcomed her with a warm smile and she smiled too wondering who this cute guy could be. When he was asked to introduce himself he replied with so much eloquence that thrilled her “I’m an Engineer and I solve problems”.She uttered these words quietly under her […]

A poem to the Arch Evangelist

Saved from peril,Adorned with Grace Used for greatness Lived a fulfilled life. Sun can’t compare with the light of GodAn Arch Evangelist emerges, haters couldn’t stop him Undiluted, he preached the word of GodLook! Here he comes, fearlessly proclaiming God’s Love. September will be better August may have left you soberUnmerited favor is yoursLong proclaimed […]