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You may write my sins on to the heavens And cause me problems, a score of twenty-seven. You may raise dust around with your busy feet And Increase the volume of the noise you call music. You may strip my happiness naked and push me to the streets to feed on the scorn. You may […]


The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain. Their labor was to build a nation where Peace and Justice shall reign. These are the lines from our National Anthem. But with the way things are going, It looks we’ve failed our heroes past. This wasn’t the Nigeria they envisioned. This wasn’t the […]


You sell your voice for coins, Even my girlfriend won’t take that from me. Just like Esau who sold his birthright for food, You’ve sold your future to some fools. Do not complain when situations get tougher. You no longer have a say on this matter. You betrayed your conscience and right When you took […]

Find Love (3)

When the people who sing melodies of love into your ears become the people who make dirges from memories of you, be still. When the people who lock hands with yours and throw the keys in the bottom of their hearts become the very ones who add full stops at the end of every symphony […]

Find JOY (2)

When it seems like your life is interwoven with misery and the hope of good living a mystery, be still. Miseries are mere China plates. When your heart becomes a lump of burning coal, Or worse a fiery furnace, don’t fret! Don’t you see that the colors of the flames are still beautiful? When your […]

GAME OVER by Livingstone Imonitie

There is a time to be born and a time to die. I know life is hard, and it seems nothing goes to plan. Nevertheless, never give up at the challenges that come your way. Giving up is a tale even babes abhor, But if you continue to fight day by day, There’s a chance […]


He waited for a year for me because I was still in a relationship with my first love. I told him everything about my relationship because I saw him as a friend. My first love cheated on me with two ladies and I decided to end the relationship. We became very close and he officially […]

Once upon a time, here is my story.

I never planned on making this story mine But it all reflects round my life For john 8:32 says And you shall know the truth And the truth shall set you free So here’s the truth to who I am. You see I was made from dust But by God For He carved me with […]

Before her fall.

Before her fall, angels hailed, demons murmured, she never did engage insolence, awesomeness, she only exhibited more… Fuel for a thousand, But no light shines forever, even the sun sets, So when tragedy struck, Everyone sane knew it wasn’t her fault. She wept, oh how the skies bled, Nature had given her a stab in […]