I like beautiful, you.

I like beautiful placesPhotos of such places gets my heart racingI like beautiful facesTheir smiles are a like rain drops on heated surfaces.– Relief. I like PaMa, GrandmaEven though I barely see the formerAnd the latter is late and I only saw her once in 2 decades.– Family. I like silence, the quiet, ah… erm…Except […]

For A Poet (COVID 19 or Something Like It)

I laugh like I’m JokerI do this so not soberBut as I grow,So does the pain get older. I am the holderBut how they followI don’t follow,I’m left to ponder. My solace is in the momentAs I do thisFor when my quill hits the blank pages,I don’t shoot blanks. I pick up a pen and […]

I’m leaving for whatever.

I know you’ve heard of from dusk to dawn,no, this ain’t that song.Strange things are happening,I even heard a “pastor” swear walahi! You’ll know it’s bad newsWhen it’s the chief priest hitting the gongThe town cry ah! you say???Yes, people of Panshekesheke, you heard me right,The prince tethered a mosquito. I wish it ended at […]


long ago, l heard among words –befriend death, and it will let you livelike candles wearing the crowns of doom,burning out and living right. when a blind man talks about an escapeto avoid being trapped twice,he would not scribble on his gravestonebefore he takes his first step. what is a goal without hits? your ice […]

A poem about a Human.

He sits and he wondersPondering how he got hereRetracing every step he’s takenLike a man lost on a journey. For a while, he ponders where he’s fromAnd then he wonders where he’s goingQuerying each step he takesAnd second-guessing each thing he sees. This man feels alone and tiredAching for rest, but he can’tHe’s stuck in […]

My name is not matter

This body swelled and stored fat without my permission. It shoved off measurements and proportions as it bloomed into society’s black book. I try to convince myself that a giraffe is not a model because every elephant has a trunk but I do not listen. Cute shoes won’t fit on my feet ’cause they say […]

When your friend is sad

When your friend is sad Like a cloak with a mind of its own Sadness doctors strangely upon you It wraps itself around your neck to restrict your freedom and trails along behind you to distort your steps Your mind should feel like home but on this day, there’s a hole in the ceiling above […]


People assume that I’m okay, Ironical, strange, tragic. They see that I’m tall and strong and so they bring them; Sweaty backs, laden with the stench of trouble Stomach’s swirling with too much wine Head full of discordant thoughts and they lean on me They hide beneath my branches, step on my roots and cower […]


Wrong isn’t wrong, it is just a little less right It is wright we scream to ourselves. To him who is pure, all things are pure. and so the rest of us who are tainted see everything through skewed lenses calling the world grey so our black doesn’t stand out so much We call crooked […]

I was born a sinner

I was born a sinnerBut I promise I will be better. I didn’t choose the natureBut my choices ain’t yoursI grew up in streets that are hotFor the men are cold. I lay blamesLike for me, no good foundation was laid. I believe in a higher beingBut never needed HIM to get high and pleasedI […]