I’m leaving for whatever.

I know you’ve heard of from dusk to dawn,no, this ain’t that song.Strange things are happening,I even heard a “pastor” swear walahi! You’ll know it’s bad newsWhen it’s the chief priest hitting the gongThe town cry ah! you say???Yes, people of Panshekesheke, you heard me right,The prince tethered a mosquito. I wish it ended at […]


Wrong isn’t wrong, it is just a little less right It is wright we scream to ourselves. To him who is pure, all things are pure. and so the rest of us who are tainted see everything through skewed lenses calling the world grey so our black doesn’t stand out so much We call crooked […]

10,000 smiles

We have an abundance hereWith every tick-tock We having thick talkAbout happiness. There’s a whole lot of self-love quotes flying aroundHappiness promoting woke statements tooSo I tell you, friend, We have an abundance of it here. Don’t let the default on rents fool youOr a kid’s school fees rants clue youI implore you not to […]


The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain. Their labor was to build a nation where Peace and Justice shall reign. These are the lines from our National Anthem. But with the way things are going, It looks we’ve failed our heroes past. This wasn’t the Nigeria they envisioned. This wasn’t the […]

Find Love (3)

When the people who sing melodies of love into your ears become the people who make dirges from memories of you, be still. When the people who lock hands with yours and throw the keys in the bottom of their hearts become the very ones who add full stops at the end of every symphony […]


He sits at home dictating what you should do. His children abroad, away from the fire. Yet you pick up your gun and fight one another. In the end, you face the consequences And he’s safe at home, fulfilled in his desire. His children do not steal or fight on the street. The corrupt acts […]

Find JOY (2)

When it seems like your life is interwoven with misery and the hope of good living a mystery, be still. Miseries are mere China plates. When your heart becomes a lump of burning coal, Or worse a fiery furnace, don’t fret! Don’t you see that the colors of the flames are still beautiful? When your […]


Speak the truth at all time. We will decide who holds the mantle. Leading us to the promised Land, With love and never with HATE. They tell you what they want you to hear. You spread the news without verifying. Breeding hate inside of you, Seeing the other as a virus without giving a listening […]

Find you (1)

When the picture of you becomes a blur to you, do not fret. Your photographer is standing across from you waiting for you to focus on his lens and stand still. Be still. Let your nostrils consume the portion of air that was meant for you, Breathe in, breathe out and live. You are the only one that […]


Time has long past since you left, There’s no doubt of my heart aching. Moments of us are all that’s left, So I thought, till these voices came to me. Harrison Micheal Why bring the past of the forgotten grave we shared When we know the depth and size of a grave Those faint voices […]