The Heartsmith – CP KIngs

From In-house Sessions, first episode, we have CP speaking on love and how very much he loved a lady he didn’t mind if she was broken, man is down for mending… People will see us and marvel, like we something from the comics… Watch video below, play and download and share the audio too.

Are you a perfect lover?

Love hurts, love destroysLove bends and crushes usTaking our breaths, leaving us achingMore alone than we were. Torn apart by the pain, weakEmotions shredded, soul emptyYearning and gaspingFor something we no longer have. Like a fish out of waterNo, it doesn’t. Love heals and it fillsIt transforms and renewsCreating beauty out of the crushedElating sunken […]

I’ll never understand change.

I’ve witnessed valiant hearts seamlessly swayLike flexible hips I’ve seen the most rigid of menBend and twirl, at the bidding of one mind.I’ll never understand change. I’ve found mortality leave immortal legaciesI’ve seen bitter leaf lose its tasteAnd hurry lose its hasteI’ve found yesterday’s fine fabric of love fray today. There’s more I could say, […]


When I think of emotions, I imagine a switch. I imagine that love is a lightbulb in the room of my heart and I am comfortable in the dark. My eyes are dark adapted and my body has gotten used to the inescapable collision of darkness. I imagine that, like any object in the dark […]


I wish that you could see the secrets behind each text or decipher with your mind’s eye the words buried by backspacing. I love you Hey. You’re all I ever think about How are you My mind is falling apart I’m fine too. Do you ever think of me? How was your night? My nightmares […]

Love and Fear

They say love is comforting But I swear it has me scared to death You tell me you’re stressed I hear you’re completely fatigued You tell me you’re hungry I hear you’ve been starving for days You tell me you’re cold I hear you’re stuck in a blizzard You complain about the heat And I […]

1234 – Loving you is not easy

1234Loving you is not easyElse, I would have stopped the count at 3I miss not missing you. ABCDLoving you isn’t sweetElse I would have stopped at the letter CBut you are no vitamin, more like a deficiency. Loving you is not idealIt’s not for the fainthearted And their is no pride in itNot when it […]

Find Love (3)

When the people who sing melodies of love into your ears become the people who make dirges from memories of you, be still. When the people who lock hands with yours and throw the keys in the bottom of their hearts become the very ones who add full stops at the end of every symphony […]


Time has long past since you left, There’s no doubt of my heart aching. Moments of us are all that’s left, So I thought, till these voices came to me. Harrison Micheal Why bring the past of the forgotten grave we shared When we know the depth and size of a grave Those faint voices […]

I love you. A 3 lines poem to her.

I love you —————- 1. If I had money, I’d have you. 2. You’d still be married, but wouldn’t have left. 3. If I had money, you’d have believed this poem’s title. But now, money is all I have left. Cirphrank