A million dollar vs her.

Quickly I tell the story of money and honey. Asked to choose one, a getaway from brokenness or you, I chose you. Folks queried, why her? love just isn’t enough and grow up brother, you can’t live life without the paper… I replied calmly as a winner, for the loss they feel I’m lost to […]

My problem with Feminists and Vegetarians. (The Chi Chi Analysis)

In this pretty much subtle rant of mine, I shall try not to get as blinded and some of our dear front-liners are getting. Today, I am getting a bad feeling come this Friday it won’t just be normal TGIF but also “phew! thank God we made it outta this week where we got our certificates […]

The Ultimate AdSense Guide

In this post, I shall be dis-certifying some AdSense myths and giving tips that will automatically see to your account being approved by AdSense. Getting AdSense is not really as hard as a crappy a process most make it seem like in the publications they release, actually that’s the very reason why most don’t even […]

How To Place Adverts on Facebook Using Your Naira MasterCard

This is a post dating to two years back but has been updated herein links and images. A problem I read website/blog owners complain of most on my timelines is issues with advertising on Facebook. Can’t say when they implemented the payment option, maybe it was a new year gift I’d be tipping you off […]