The labor of our heroes past shall never be in vain. Their labor was to build a nation where Peace and Justice shall reign. These are the lines from our National Anthem. But with the way things are going, It looks we’ve failed our heroes past. This wasn’t the Nigeria they envisioned. This wasn’t the […]


You sell your voice for coins, Even my girlfriend won’t take that from me. Just like Esau who sold his birthright for food, You’ve sold your future to some fools. Do not complain when situations get tougher. You no longer have a say on this matter. You betrayed your conscience and right When you took […]


Speak the truth at all time. We will decide who holds the mantle. Leading us to the promised Land, With love and never with HATE. They tell you what they want you to hear. You spread the news without verifying. Breeding hate inside of you, Seeing the other as a virus without giving a listening […]

Are you a Winner? (Happy Independence!)

Happy Birthday To Nigeria, Winners We Are!!! Over they years we’ve kept unity against terrifying odds, let’s keep the love fellows and may life odds continue to be in our favor in Jesus Christ Name! Now have the below song, bless away your day with this Gospel hit you can dance to, she’s energetic, original […]