Lovers, world’s edges apart.

Some days, I’m like a man with no expectations I look forward to what’s similar to what I’ve got in my arms, Nothing. But such days are blue moon rare, Lucky for me. Every other day, There’s butterflies in my tummy And you on my mind. I’m dotting Is through iMessages, And crossing Ts through […]

Ain’t no sunshine (cover)

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s goneWhen she’s not waking up by my sideThe darkness lingers on even when it’s dawnHer absence for a second? And I’d have died a million times. At times, when all I have are memories of past timesI sit and steer, Driving through memories and I find that I can smell […]

I like beautiful, you.

I like beautiful placesPhotos of such places gets my heart racingI like beautiful facesTheir smiles are a like rain drops on heated surfaces.– Relief. I like PaMa, GrandmaEven though I barely see the formerAnd the latter is late and I only saw her once in 2 decades.– Family. I like silence, the quiet, ah… erm…Except […]

Do I love you?

The devil has enemiesThe dam helps with electricityI sneeze and I cough,I could be sick. A torch for the darkA touch for the feelI won’t see if I don’t findWhat I seek. She said: why you stating facts,obvious things?I said: oh, they are?And here you are asking me if I love you.

How are you?

Often times I find myself wonderingHow you answer that in your headYour mouth did say I’m fineYeah, I heard. But you’re known to put your money where your mouth is, not your feelings. When asked how I am, I tend to lieI say fine for fluctuatingFor some seconds I’m good, the next – oh well… […]

Are you a perfect lover?

Love hurts, love destroysLove bends and crushes usTaking our breaths, leaving us achingMore alone than we were. Torn apart by the pain, weakEmotions shredded, soul emptyYearning and gaspingFor something we no longer have. Like a fish out of waterNo, it doesn’t. Love heals and it fillsIt transforms and renewsCreating beauty out of the crushedElating sunken […]

I’ll never understand change.

I’ve witnessed valiant hearts seamlessly swayLike flexible hips I’ve seen the most rigid of menBend and twirl, at the bidding of one mind.I’ll never understand change. I’ve found mortality leave immortal legaciesI’ve seen bitter leaf lose its tasteAnd hurry lose its hasteI’ve found yesterday’s fine fabric of love fray today. There’s more I could say, […]

For A Poet (COVID 19 or Something Like It)

I laugh like I’m JokerI do this so not soberBut as I grow,So does the pain get older. I am the holderBut how they followI don’t follow,I’m left to ponder. My solace is in the momentAs I do thisFor when my quill hits the blank pages,I don’t shoot blanks. I pick up a pen and […]

I’m leaving for whatever.

I know you’ve heard of from dusk to dawn,no, this ain’t that song.Strange things are happening,I even heard a “pastor” swear walahi! You’ll know it’s bad newsWhen it’s the chief priest hitting the gongThe town cry ah! you say???Yes, people of Panshekesheke, you heard me right,The prince tethered a mosquito. I wish it ended at […]


long ago, l heard among words –befriend death, and it will let you livelike candles wearing the crowns of doom,burning out and living right. when a blind man talks about an escapeto avoid being trapped twice,he would not scribble on his gravestonebefore he takes his first step. what is a goal without hits? your ice […]