You will not Rule Forever

Sleep, over this; You will not Rule Forever. By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. Power is nothing without control,When you veer off you pour on fire petrol,No matter how many bullets you shoot,Or how much you loot,Power is transient,Life is a lesson for resilience,I tell you, you will not Rule Forever. Looking at your callousness and coldbloodedness,Why do […]

Growth and Everything In-between

Growth and Everything In-between takes you on a poetic journey of the average African teenager’s years, and brings to light how much effort they put into trying to understand the way the world works. The book may just be the tool to help understand why present day adults behave the way they do. Do have […]

Do I love you?

The devil has enemiesThe dam helps with electricityI sneeze and I cough,I could be sick. A torch for the darkA touch for the feelI won’t see if I don’t findWhat I seek. She said: why you stating facts,obvious things?I said: oh, they are?And here you are asking me if I love you.

How are you?

Often times I find myself wonderingHow you answer that in your headYour mouth did say I’m fineYeah, I heard. But you’re known to put your money where your mouth is, not your feelings. When asked how I am, I tend to lieI say fine for fluctuatingFor some seconds I’m good, the next – oh well… […]

The Conversation

This is my debut spoken word poetry ep, first made available on my birthday, May 27th, 2020. The body of work containing four tracks deals with social issues such as – love, money, drugs, child abuse, peer pressure, yahoo (419), childhood nostalgia, and the likes.The ep aims at reviving the community spirit of fraternity as […]

CC The List

The second ebook I’ll be putting out, and I don’t really have words to gas you up or pumped for this, just know I wrote it with love and appreciation for your support, thanks for all you do for the craft. Special thanks to;1. Uche Buzz2. Tuedor Mamus Abigail3. Caleb (Tim Consult)4. Fredrick Rachel5. Gideon […]

This is not a serious poem.

Really, life can get cheesyLiving can get choking like a buffalo’s stenchAnd when you look aroundAll you see is a mad man’s mess. Wars raging, and at a backyardA kid is all smiles, simply skip roping.While you’re fighting for BSCA primary school dropout is rocking Fendi. -Tell me, tell me something I don’t know, I […]

I use a pink phone

I have a body, who is to small, a synonymI own a jean trousers that’s almost skinnier than meA turtle neck sleeve that hugs me tightlyLike a long lost lover had just been found. I write poems that are almost as pretty as my dreamsBuild websites that look like they’ve been to the gymAnd before […]

Passing Showers.

Yesterday a passing transient shower, Slaked my thirst so gently, softly, Parted my lips, shook my bones. They say the world is dying, I know, I remember how you said love died. It was a passing shower, a fancy, That left you cold and shivering. This distance, these wired networks, Couldn’t bring your love to […]

Bleeding scars.

Play and Download Audio Here just like above Lyrics Bernard Bernard had a lot on his mind to say that day But for the shame of it He wasn’t going to speak to his father face to face   And so he pulled out his phone It was time for him to face his mess […]