Social Work Poetry Concert Is Coming To Ibadan.

Ibadan is one of the largest cities in Africa and it’s most notable for her rich cultural heritage. The city will be experiencing the very next Social Work Poetry Concert, in July. Social Work, just like the profession, is a spoken word poetry album that advocates against various social vices. After the release of this […]

BallersConnect : flawless OR a gallant error?

After the expensive hype, we all wanted a whole lot. We hoped as a community, yearning, waiting to be fed with the best hangout ever. Dropped in a loop of boundless doubt, unsure of the whole idea, wondering with a punched mind, sharing frequent gaze at how well spiced and diverse the program list was. […]

The L-I fire incident and a critical view of it.

Yesterday was a black one, a Thursday wherein many lives were lost. An oil tanker explosion has cost no less than 9-10 persons their lives, burnt 54 cars and left a number of folks injured. What I can really say is that we all should pray, and I bring to you a detailed delivery of […]

My problem with Feminists and Vegetarians. (The Chi Chi Analysis)

In this pretty much subtle rant of mine, I shall try not to get as blinded and some of our dear front-liners are getting. Today, I am getting a bad feeling come this Friday it won’t just be normal TGIF but also “phew! thank God we made it outta this week where we got our certificates […]

The country I love and the joke it has become.

Great evening dear reader, today I’ll try my best not to lament though that’s what ringing in my heart as I type this. I have no intention to ask questions on how a snake could have opened a vault or a farm could pass for a safe house. But my heart weeps, for a mace […]