Find Love (3)

When the people who sing melodies of love into your ears become the people who make dirges from memories of you, be still. When the people who lock hands with yours and throw the keys in the bottom of their hearts become the very ones who add full stops at the end of every symphony […]

Find JOY (2)

When it seems like your life is interwoven with misery and the hope of good living a mystery, be still. Miseries are mere China plates. When your heart becomes a lump of burning coal, Or worse a fiery furnace, don’t fret! Don’t you see that the colors of the flames are still beautiful? When your […]

Find you (1)

When the picture of you becomes a blur to you, do not fret. Your photographer is standing across from you waiting for you to focus on his lens and stand still. Be still. Let your nostrils consume the portion of air that was meant for you, Breathe in, breathe out and live. You are the only one that […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (31)

I used to ask myself if I was the only human being that didn’t seem to rotate with the earth. But then again, I will laugh at myself and call myself names I wouldn’t enjoy someone else call me. But really, I stood there looking at Miriam trying to hold back whatever she was trying […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (30)

She was seated in one of the vintage sofa in the sitting room, the television was on but it looked like she was busy with her phone. “Hey big Sis…” immediately she heard my voice, she looked towards my direction and smiled, nah… I refused to be bought with a smile. “Hey! Sorry I had […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (29)

“You neglected your duties just to go and stand with a friend? The same boy that we talked about on Sunday? What were you thinking Miriam? For Christ’s sake people are looking up to you…” One of the young men said. I noticed that someone was in the middle of the circle, Miriam. “Miriam, I […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (28)

“You owe me 5k though, your car stupidly got itself scratched and I took it to a panel beater,” Lami said on our way to Ugbowo. She came to pick me that Sunday evening. “First of all, this car is a she. Secondly, WHAT THA HELL?” I screamed. “Don’t even dare. It was not my […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (27)

“You know you are staring at me funny right?” she asked, she didn’t have to tell me that she was doing all the planning just to make me happy. I stood up and wanted to apologize for making her go through the annoying three days of my craze for a girl’s birthday but she wouldn’t […]

  Not Falling In Love – Part 2

“what time did you get in last night?” Augusta asked as I came down for breakfast. I glanced at the clock and realised and I over slept, it’s already past eleven. “Oh jeez! I am late Bes why didn’t you wake me up” I said, “well we had some issues, with the car and guess […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (26)

I slept in her apartment that day and somehow it felt awkward sleeping next to a girl that hated Men. Plus the stupid headache didn’t even let me sleep so I let my brain wander… That night at Preston Hotel, Lami didn’t Kiss me like someone who does not feel anything for boys and I […]