For All WomanKind.

The last time I saw her she looked like the sun dropped a baby, skin glistening, virgin olive oil kind of drip you know what I’m saying. So what happened Amope, I asked as I gasped, cos her skin has darkened, patches all over not like a stitch in time but like stitches all over […]

Better Days

Better Days is a Spoken word and Rap Medley by “Ladygod TLN” and “SOI”. Beyond the carefully crafted beats and eloquent words, this work of heart will leave the art living in you, reassuring you beyond any doubt that indeed better days are here. The video dropped on the 12th of January 2021. Genre: Rap, […]

The Conversation

This is my debut spoken word poetry ep, first made available on my birthday, May 27th, 2020. The body of work containing four tracks deals with social issues such as – love, money, drugs, child abuse, peer pressure, yahoo (419), childhood nostalgia, and the likes.The ep aims at reviving the community spirit of fraternity as […]

Review of Aremo Gemini’s Irawe by Ola TheRAWPoet Adene

THE POEM WILL MAKE YOU REMEMBER THE LOVED ONES YOU’VE LOST – Review of Aremo Gemini’s Irawe by Ola TheRAWPoet Adene When a loved one dies, it is never just about the pain and the tears associated with the period of their death, it is more of the void that their exit leaves. The emptiness […]

Bleeding scars.

Play and Download Audio Here just like above Lyrics Bernard Bernard had a lot on his mind to say that day But for the shame of it He wasn’t going to speak to his father face to face   And so he pulled out his phone It was time for him to face his mess […]

Lazy Nigerian Youths – Motmot

About the Poet Isaac Idehen Ugiagbe is currently a 400L student of Geomatics in the University of Benin. He is the lead graphic artist of Sensei Graphics, a lover of the piano and a Spoken word poet (with the stage name motmot) who aims to change lives by the words the breathes out in poetry. […]

To Speak Or Be Silent, Choose Accordingly.

Hey guys, it’s me here again, your you know poet Rachel, and this time, I am not dropping in for the Friday column, now how weird would that be for a Thursday. Well, I’m particularly excited to tell you that I featured on this day’s edition of PBG5ONE’s Thursday Video Content Thursday poetry. I did […]


You may write my sins on to the heavens And cause me problems, a score of twenty-seven. You may raise dust around with your busy feet And Increase the volume of the noise you call music. You may strip my happiness naked and push me to the streets to feed on the scorn. You may […]

There is a method to this madness

We are all dream chasers Until the pencil meets eraserWe worshiped our childhood fantasy With the dedication of Shakespeare to his sonnetNow we treat our reality with the regard a queen has for her maidWhoever said dreams are only fancy on days when we came home with bruised knees And dress up dolls with pink […]

Sea breeze cologne

With freckles that removedSpeckles from my visionI soon enough swung into a missionMy morale went from zero to sea breeze bold. Beauty that gave me gingerLeft me like I was drunk in aleI said to her;You look like a twilightStanding out like a starlightThey say change is constantBut I pray your freckles never sway. She […]