Stranger Than Fiction

When we carry calabash on our shoulders And our identities on our chins, We’re judged by the battles our fathers fought and lost, For their scars were just new tribal marks. We do not hit the head of a chicken To stop her alarm when she sings her songs, While yawns are chorused from Hamlet […]


Time has long past since you left, There’s no doubt of my heart aching. Moments of us are all that’s left, So I thought, till these voices came to me. Harrison Micheal Why bring the past of the forgotten grave we shared When we know the depth and size of a grave Those faint voices […]

I love you. A 3 lines poem to her.

I love you —————- 1. If I had money, I’d have you. 2. You’d still be married, but wouldn’t have left. 3. If I had money, you’d have believed this poem’s title. But now, money is all I have left. Cirphrank


I once wanted to write an essay with a detailed description of my dreams. Or rather a particular dream I had nurtured over the years. My dream was quite simple and at that time a bit realistic. I thought of how everyone seemed to want to travel out of the country and I assumed it […]


Please don’t die on meAsake no, you can’t leave me this wayFREEZE!!!! Your hands on your head immediately, Your hands on your head I say…  Sir, it was an accident, believe me… By my pleas fell on deaf earsAs my head was smashed to the car screen, Forced to the station, I wept in tears.  And so that […]

Oversabi Girlfriends And Why You should Not Try To Impress

Hello there, been a while, hope you’ve been good and relishing the beauty of the shop. Today I bring us a topic that tends to throw some guys off balance and into doing what they don’t want, sometimes as worse as going into debts. Samsung J5 Earpiece Like I do in most cases like this, I’ll […]

Thursday Tory: Mister Ìsáñsá

It was a Thursday evening when I was in my second year in the university, at least not a fresher then but that fateful moment, memories would tell the story for years unknown. A prayer meeting was to be held that evening with other church workers in which I must not boycott. Even if there […]

Once upon a time, here is my story.

I never planned on making this story mine But it all reflects round my life For john 8:32 says And you shall know the truth And the truth shall set you free So here’s the truth to who I am. You see I was made from dust But by God For He carved me with […]

Before her fall.

Before her fall, angels hailed, demons murmured, she never did engage insolence, awesomeness, she only exhibited more… Fuel for a thousand, But no light shines forever, even the sun sets, So when tragedy struck, Everyone sane knew it wasn’t her fault. She wept, oh how the skies bled, Nature had given her a stab in […]

Just a little play, a big mess.

I did not mean to break your heart, it was just a truth or dare, funny this may sound as but truth is; it is you I hold dear. I swear I did not want to spin the bottle but was caught in the moment, hazed out by the beer that should never have found […]