My church missing, late-coming story and 5 reasons why you should not miss Sunday service

Foreword: This is not in anyway written to make any reader of this blog who is a Muslim feel intimidated, isolated or anything similar. Good afternoon great folks, and happy Sunday! Well, this piece is to basically give those of you that have decided to skip church today a nudge to not do so, but for […]

5 Types of people in A typical Nigerian Church

Well I was at church earlier in the day, and at a point in time, the variation of personalities present just hit me and I thought to myself, why not write about it, who knows maybe it’s same everywhere else. Church name: I dare not say! What if my Pastor stumbles on this? Will you […]

621, God answers prayers (flash fiction)

It was a Monday, the skies had shades of grey and the weather was cool. Well there’s was no difference in this day, it was exactly like every other day, except the skies never stay the same, he peeped out from the backdoor to eavesdrop on mama, to know if he had enough time to […]

A poem to the Arch Evangelist

Saved from peril,Adorned with Grace Used for greatness Lived a fulfilled life. Sun can’t compare with the light of GodAn Arch Evangelist emerges, haters couldn’t stop him Undiluted, he preached the word of GodLook! Here he comes, fearlessly proclaiming God’s Love. September will be better August may have left you soberUnmerited favor is yoursLong proclaimed […]