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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Tech Inclined

Hiya everyone, good morning, I’m pretty sure you’ve had quite a swell time sime we last discussed. Today, I’ll be be discussing the topic that would give those of us already tech-loving super nudge to keep on at it, and those of us thinking it’s a stuff for the nerd, wake up you lazy Nigerian […]

The Ultimate AdSense Guide

In this post, I shall be dis-certifying some AdSense myths and giving tips that will automatically see to your account being approved by AdSense. Getting AdSense is not really as hard as a crappy a process most make it seem like in the publications they release, actually that’s the very reason why most don’t even […]

5 WordPress Essentials You Should Be Using.

Good morning. Today, I’ll be making known to you 5 essential things that as a blogger on the WordPress platform, you shouldn’t miss having/using. Let go straight to the point. 1.) WordPress App This is a must have for all, available for all screens. It makes writing easier with seemingly no distractions. It’s fast, lightweight and […]

5Tips For A WordPress Beginner

Okay there! In this post, I’d be highlighting to you 5 tips that will help smoothen rough edges in your blogging journey with WordPress. Don’t Use WordPress.Com: I wasn’t  paid to, no I’m not TRG to deface them, but if you have intention of making the blogging thing a long time thing… For your own […]

How To Place Adverts on Facebook Using Your Naira MasterCard

This is a post dating to two years back but has been updated herein links and images. A problem I read website/blog owners complain of most on my timelines is issues with advertising on Facebook. Can’t say when they implemented the payment option, maybe it was a new year gift I’d be tipping you off […]