I once wanted to write an essay with a detailed description of my dreams. Or rather a particular dream I had nurtured over the years. My dream was quite simple and at that time a bit realistic. I thought of how everyone seemed to want to travel out of the country and I assumed it […]

Oversabi Girlfriends And Why You should Not Try To Impress

Hello there, been a while, hope you’ve been good and relishing the beauty of the shop. Today I bring us a topic that tends to throw some guys off balance and into doing what they don’t want, sometimes as worse as going into debts. Samsung J5 Earpiece Like I do in most cases like this, I’ll […]

Miss Uniben Pageantry

The Miss Uniben Pageantry is more than just a beauty contest, it is an annual event that has been carefully designed for the all round development of the participants, as well as the empowerment of young ladies, specifically, female students of the reputable University of Benin. This event is organized by the well known social […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (24)

Lami came out of nowhere and stood beside me, I was taken off balance and totally forgot that Lami and Miriam know themselves. I wished the air poisoned my lungs so I will die that moment because I started doing introduction of names which was uncalled for because I didn’t even remember the names of […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (22)

It was two weeks after the event, exactly the day I was to start exams. I woke up that morning doing the same thing I do every single morning; check to see that I am still alive. My GST paper was by 8am and by 7:30am, I was still at home trying to do final […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (21)

“Nothing… He just brought me in here thinking I was drunk and wanted to have sex with me.” “And?” A rage was brewing, a demon was rising. My two hands were on the door, my back against her. “And what?” she cursed.  “Lami… One of your ear-ring is off your ear, your belt is not well […]

Take Your Life Back!

If you don’t know already, know now: If it wouldn’t be of benefit ain’t telling of it. Simple.It would be an error to be in Benin and miss this. A real time great error. It will be outright ridiculous that you are a UNIBEN student and you saw this but still missed attending, this is […]

Phone For Beer (The Ekosodin Tale)

Location: Ekosodin (Somewhere Around UNIBEN) Time: Dark in the Evening Victim: (can we really call him that? He was kinda paid) The story below is one fiction-ed out of reality, the experience of “someone”. That fateful night, everywhere be good o, fly nigga Kadiri was on his way to his lodge which was quite on […]

A lil piece of self (02)

“ooohhh…..where this chick now” – I said in my mind while standing at the entrance of Oasis hotel in estate junction while dialing her number. “Make I just enter inside wait for her though”- I thought to myself at the same time approaching the door. When I entered the hotel, the first thing I felt […]

A lil piece of self (01)

Woke up late today… “Damn another day in this goddamn house” I grumbled in my thoughts as I drag myself with my sleepy eyes to the bathroom.. “Men, I suppose barb this my hair yesterday ooo, base on today na new year oo”…I murmured to myself as I shrivelled my hair standing in front of […]