Happy New Year (updates)

No, it’s not too late, still the first month and here’s the first post off the blog for the year after all. But am I sorry I didn’t do this earlier? that gets an absolute yes. But there has been a whole lot keeping the administration of this platform busy, albeit, it’s for the betterment […]


After being under construction for a pretty long while now, the shop is finally launching. A mini yet efficient platform for buying  quality products. Read the mini dissertation here Share the word to all here:   START SHOPPING!

See How Nigerians Celebrate Eagles Win Over Cameroon In Amazing Unity On Twitter

Before I talk at all, see the below first; Now that’s what we call: APT! Before the game came up, there were a number of agitations calling for Eagles not to make a mess of things this time. Like Complete Sports Saying Eagles Should Just Win and comments like the below pouring in.    One can […]

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Is Back!

Sometime earlier, same thing that happened to the now 9mobile happened to the TV game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Her major sponsor MTN pulled out and unlike the telcom network that simply changed name, they just had to shut down operation. But guess what???  There is good news!!! the Tv show is […]

Tasha Cobbs ft. Nicki Minaj (My Opinion, +Download)

People need to stop being hypocritical and try being realistic and stop misusing bible passages to guise misconceptions. I really do not see what all the fuss is about as regards Tasha Cobbs featuring Nicki Minaj, so long as I’m concerned, two creations of God gave him praise, ask me how I feel about that? […]

The disturbing state of the Biafra Movement – Seyi Law

Earlier today, one of Nigeria’s finest comedian made a post, on a critical issue, one that begs for due, we see until but sense in it, “na beta yarn” hence  the reason for this publication of it, let us know what you think of it when you are done reading. Repost From @seyilaw1: Have you […]

Momondo- The DNA journey, get to know your ancestors in a spit!

What you are going to see in the video below is an exquisite display of High-end science simplified. A group of Scientist having developed protocols to trace one’ ancestral origin gathers a number of people from various locations and eventually collect spit samples from them for analysis, the result will shock you. Indeed we’re all […]