Dear daughter. A sonnet to her.

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Dear daughter,
Though dark, she had a skin like the moon
. She glows.
Eyes like the stars in the dark
Everything in here is true and for you
But she may read it before you, hopefully it sets her free into understanding.

Her presence is a switch, flips one’s mood from ill to healed
She alone financed my emotions
I am rich, no height her presence could not make me me reach.
In her I find peace, bliss, amidst falling trees, misery.

My kisses won’t do justice, my words aren’t here to deceive
No amount of gifts can unwrap how much I love you to your knowledge
Your value is beyond what any human can afford, I’m occasionally intimidated.
Your love is like divine secrecy revealed, and I’m just a man!

Nne, my heart beats for you.
Would you dance to it?

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