In-house Sessions – Mide

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“I’m here” – This is me welcoming you into my house, quite literally, you’re in my parlor, listening to me recite poems, written from my experiences, yours too. Ranging from life’s hustles to love tussles, to just fun, to breakdown moments, politics, to more…

There are some classics in this compilation of 22 heartfelt poems, lines like: “I’m a baby to my baby but I fear she’s a mother to many”, “You as much as touch the hem of my poems and you’d have breathed in a new kind of air” “While I missed her she was busy missing my calls”… mesmerize will be the least description you’d have to give once you’re done spending some time in my parlor, listening to raw recordings, words uncut, as they were, as I was.


Product Cover By Mide Creates
Poems Timeframe: 2020-2023


This is a prelude to a Main IHS to come in a jiffy, keep an eye out ^_~



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