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The Heartsmith – CP KIngs

From In-house Sessions, first episode, we have CP speaking on love and how very much he loved a lady he didn’t mind if she was broken, man is down for mending… People will see us and marvel, like we something from the comics… Watch video below, play and download and share the audio too.

Ain’t no sunshine (cover)

Ain’t no sunshine when she’s goneWhen she’s not waking up by my sideThe darkness lingers on even when it’s dawnHer absence for a second? And I’d have died a million times. At times, when all I have are memories of past timesI sit and steer, Driving through memories and I find that I can smell […]

I’ll never understand change.

I’ve witnessed valiant hearts seamlessly swayLike flexible hips I’ve seen the most rigid of menBend and twirl, at the bidding of one mind.I’ll never understand change. I’ve found mortality leave immortal legaciesI’ve seen bitter leaf lose its tasteAnd hurry lose its hasteI’ve found yesterday’s fine fabric of love fray today. There’s more I could say, […]

How To Break a Heart

I have heard of broken hearts But I’ve never seen their smashed pieces littered on marble floors. I have heard of broken hearts But they still seem to beat and pump blood into veins. I have heard of broken hearts How come they pull themselves together to love again? To tear a heart apart Take […]

I love you. A 3 lines poem to her.

I love you —————- 1. If I had money, I’d have you. 2. You’d still be married, but wouldn’t have left. 3. If I had money, you’d have believed this poem’s title. But now, money is all I have left. Cirphrank


Alone in my thoughts Deep in pain, I sit wondering why, I mean she said I was her world. I thought with her, love stopped by to say hi. Harrison Micheal Mine was a tale of the century, She loved me like the devil and I became her prey which made me conclude love is […]

His Soliloquy

And so here we are Just where it all began It hurts seeing you from afar But I guess loving you is all I can. All I needed was just a smile All I asked for, was your attention Yet all to void and I wonder why Why put me in this situation? Guess to […]