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Sex – Obehi

Do you know what a lady wants in bed or have you no clue she wants you to make her beg? Heads up, this is a very sensual poem. Enjoy. Download Audio: SEX – Obehi Watch video below;

The Heartsmith – CP KIngs

From In-house Sessions, first episode, we have CP speaking on love and how very much he loved a lady he didn’t mind if she was broken, man is down for mending… People will see us and marvel, like we something from the comics… Watch video below, play and download and share the audio too.

I like beautiful, you.

I like beautiful placesPhotos of such places gets my heart racingI like beautiful facesTheir smiles are a like rain drops on heated surfaces.– Relief. I like PaMa, GrandmaEven though I barely see the formerAnd the latter is late and I only saw her once in 2 decades.– Family. I like silence, the quiet, ah… erm…Except […]

Are you a perfect lover?

Love hurts, love destroysLove bends and crushes usTaking our breaths, leaving us achingMore alone than we were. Torn apart by the pain, weakEmotions shredded, soul emptyYearning and gaspingFor something we no longer have. Like a fish out of waterNo, it doesn’t. Love heals and it fillsIt transforms and renewsCreating beauty out of the crushedElating sunken […]


long ago, l heard among words –befriend death, and it will let you livelike candles wearing the crowns of doom,burning out and living right. when a blind man talks about an escapeto avoid being trapped twice,he would not scribble on his gravestonebefore he takes his first step. what is a goal without hits? your ice […]

A poem about a Human.

He sits and he wondersPondering how he got hereRetracing every step he’s takenLike a man lost on a journey. For a while, he ponders where he’s fromAnd then he wonders where he’s goingQuerying each step he takesAnd second-guessing each thing he sees. This man feels alone and tiredAching for rest, but he can’tHe’s stuck in […]

This is not a serious poem.

Really, life can get cheesyLiving can get choking like a buffalo’s stenchAnd when you look aroundAll you see is a mad man’s mess. Wars raging, and at a backyardA kid is all smiles, simply skip roping.While you’re fighting for BSCA primary school dropout is rocking Fendi. -Tell me, tell me something I don’t know, I […]


You’re a wordless poem I hope to perform Soundless music by a hyperactive orchestra My mind’s obsession painted on a blank canvas with the colors of the rainbow and the sadness of a soul You’re an art form A masterpiece The proof of a creator’s mastery is embodied in the precision of your curves Whole […]


Wrong isn’t wrong, it is just a little less right It is wright we scream to ourselves. To him who is pure, all things are pure. and so the rest of us who are tainted see everything through skewed lenses calling the world grey so our black doesn’t stand out so much We call crooked […]

How to Serve your Opinions

If you ever find yourself seated among men whose words provoke laws, Do not be like a dead fish on the table Serve your opinions with raw hot pepper And watch them smack their lips and blink their eyes a thousand and two. Let them stick out their tongues to the wind. Let the sensation […]