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You sell your voice for coins, Even my girlfriend won’t take that from me. Just like Esau who sold his birthright for food, You’ve sold your future to some fools. Do not complain when situations get tougher. You no longer have a say on this matter. You betrayed your conscience and right When you took […]


Speak the truth at all time. We will decide who holds the mantle. Leading us to the promised Land, With love and never with HATE. They tell you what they want you to hear. You spread the news without verifying. Breeding hate inside of you, Seeing the other as a virus without giving a listening […]

The country I love and the joke it has become.

Great evening dear reader, today I’ll try my best not to lament though that’s what ringing in my heart as I type this. I have no intention to ask questions on how a snake could have opened a vault or a farm could pass for a safe house. But my heart weeps, for a mace […]