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Sex – Obehi

Do you know what a lady wants in bed or have you no clue she wants you to make her beg? Heads up, this is a very sensual poem. Enjoy. Download Audio: SEX – Obehi Watch video below;

The Heartsmith – CP KIngs

From In-house Sessions, first episode, we have CP speaking on love and how very much he loved a lady he didn’t mind if she was broken, man is down for mending… People will see us and marvel, like we something from the comics… Watch video below, play and download and share the audio too.

For All WomanKind.

The last time I saw her she looked like the sun dropped a baby, skin glistening, virgin olive oil kind of drip you know what I’m saying. So what happened Amope, I asked as I gasped, cos her skin has darkened, patches all over not like a stitch in time but like stitches all over […]

CC The List

The second ebook I’ll be putting out, and I don’t really have words to gas you up or pumped for this, just know I wrote it with love and appreciation for your support, thanks for all you do for the craft. Special thanks to;1. Uche Buzz2. Tuedor Mamus Abigail3. Caleb (Tim Consult)4. Fredrick Rachel5. Gideon […]

Stranger Than Fiction

When we carry calabash on our shoulders And our identities on our chins, We’re judged by the battles our fathers fought and lost, For their scars were just new tribal marks. We do not hit the head of a chicken To stop her alarm when she sings her songs, While yawns are chorused from Hamlet […]


Wrong isn’t wrong, it is just a little less right It is wright we scream to ourselves. To him who is pure, all things are pure. and so the rest of us who are tainted see everything through skewed lenses calling the world grey so our black doesn’t stand out so much We call crooked […]

What will people say?

I’ve seen giantsEnd up as dwarfsTaj Mahal blueprintsEnd up as unpublished drafts. I’ve seen CheckmatesEnd up as lossesFor the player, was checkingMates paces to run personal races. Rocks have been reduced to ashesFor they were scared of harsh hissWhat will people say, has left a lot of folksWithout a say in their own lives. If […]

Love and Fear

They say love is comforting But I swear it has me scared to death You tell me you’re stressed I hear you’re completely fatigued You tell me you’re hungry I hear you’ve been starving for days You tell me you’re cold I hear you’re stuck in a blizzard You complain about the heat And I […]


You beat your chest all the time, Inflicting pains to your innocent heart, Now it wails like a hungry toddler whose mother voyaged away with all the milk. You beat your chest all the time, And crowned yourself a demigod, screaming of your enviable talents And blinding ears with the dust of lies. You beat […]


I promised I’d let myself cry whenever I needed to and it took this decision to help me realize Tears aren’t enough Growing up, I cried a lot from pain, more emotional than physical I always cried. This might’ve been okay, maybe but I’m a boy and I’ve come to learn that it is never […]