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Sex – Obehi

Do you know what a lady wants in bed or have you no clue she wants you to make her beg? Heads up, this is a very sensual poem. Enjoy. Download Audio: SEX – Obehi Watch video below;

You will not Rule Forever

Sleep, over this; You will not Rule Forever. By:Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. Power is nothing without control,When you veer off you pour on fire petrol,No matter how many bullets you shoot,Or how much you loot,Power is transient,Life is a lesson for resilience,I tell you, you will not Rule Forever. Looking at your callousness and coldbloodedness,Why do […]


People assume that I’m okay, Ironical, strange, tragic. They see that I’m tall and strong and so they bring them; Sweaty backs, laden with the stench of trouble Stomach’s swirling with too much wine Head full of discordant thoughts and they lean on me They hide beneath my branches, step on my roots and cower […]

What will people say?

I’ve seen giantsEnd up as dwarfsTaj Mahal blueprintsEnd up as unpublished drafts. I’ve seen CheckmatesEnd up as lossesFor the player, was checkingMates paces to run personal races. Rocks have been reduced to ashesFor they were scared of harsh hissWhat will people say, has left a lot of folksWithout a say in their own lives. If […]

Love and Fear

They say love is comforting But I swear it has me scared to death You tell me you’re stressed I hear you’re completely fatigued You tell me you’re hungry I hear you’ve been starving for days You tell me you’re cold I hear you’re stuck in a blizzard You complain about the heat And I […]


You beat your chest all the time, Inflicting pains to your innocent heart, Now it wails like a hungry toddler whose mother voyaged away with all the milk. You beat your chest all the time, And crowned yourself a demigod, screaming of your enviable talents And blinding ears with the dust of lies. You beat […]


I promised I’d let myself cry whenever I needed to and it took this decision to help me realize Tears aren’t enough Growing up, I cried a lot from pain, more emotional than physical I always cried. This might’ve been okay, maybe but I’m a boy and I’ve come to learn that it is never […]

What used to bother me, bothers me no more.

Yesterday was a Sunday that had me asking: -where the Sun dey? But things that bothered me,Bothers me no more,For I’ve come in terms with the fact that there are some things I’ll never know, -like who God’s mom is. Maybe when I see Elohim He’ll tell me, Maybe not, Maybe I’ll never know,But the […]


You may write my sins on to the heavens And cause me problems, a score of twenty-seven. You may raise dust around with your busy feet And Increase the volume of the noise you call music. You may strip my happiness naked and push me to the streets to feed on the scorn. You may […]

I Bet My Life On You

I know you’ll say it doesn’t make senseAll of the insults I takeFor your sake,That sometimes, being polite is rudeBeing rude to myself,And love is but just a ruse. I know you’ll say reckless loving,Is a fool’s mayhemEndless obsessionIs a madman’s endAnd even the devilWill not dare. I know you’ll warnThat you’re not the oneThat […]