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Five reasons why you should really try camping

Dynamically build transparent systems via sustainable information. Compellingly monetize focused metrics via focused infrastructures. Collaboratively scale ethical data vis-a-vis cross functional materials. Progressively productivate accurate expertise before e-business internal or “organic” sources. Progressively drive one-to-one ideas after extensible. Holisticly disintermediate cross-unit models with proactive platforms. Holisticly utilize error-free action items vis-a-vis viral internal or “organic” […]

The L-I fire incident and a critical view of it.

Yesterday was a black one, a Thursday wherein many lives were lost. An oil tanker explosion has cost no less than 9-10 persons their lives, burnt 54 cars and left a number of folks injured. What I can really say is that we all should pray, and I bring to you a detailed delivery of […]

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Tech Inclined

Hiya everyone, good morning, I’m pretty sure you’ve had quite a swell time sime we last discussed. Today, I’ll be be discussing the topic that would give those of us already tech-loving super nudge to keep on at it, and those of us thinking it’s a stuff for the nerd, wake up you lazy Nigerian […]