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The Heartsmith – CP KIngs

From In-house Sessions, first episode, we have CP speaking on love and how very much he loved a lady he didn’t mind if she was broken, man is down for mending… People will see us and marvel, like we something from the comics… Watch video below, play and download and share the audio too.

For All WomanKind.

The last time I saw her she looked like the sun dropped a baby, skin glistening, virgin olive oil kind of drip you know what I’m saying. So what happened Amope, I asked as I gasped, cos her skin has darkened, patches all over not like a stitch in time but like stitches all over […]

Review of Aremo Gemini’s Irawe by Ola TheRAWPoet Adene

THE POEM WILL MAKE YOU REMEMBER THE LOVED ONES YOU’VE LOST – Review of Aremo Gemini’s Irawe by Ola TheRAWPoet Adene When a loved one dies, it is never just about the pain and the tears associated with the period of their death, it is more of the void that their exit leaves. The emptiness […]

Bleeding scars.

Play and Download Audio Here just like above Lyrics Bernard Bernard had a lot on his mind to say that day But for the shame of it He wasn’t going to speak to his father face to face   And so he pulled out his phone It was time for him to face his mess […]


I promised I’d let myself cry whenever I needed to and it took this decision to help me realize Tears aren’t enough Growing up, I cried a lot from pain, more emotional than physical I always cried. This might’ve been okay, maybe but I’m a boy and I’ve come to learn that it is never […]

To Speak Or Be Silent, Choose Accordingly.

Hey guys, it’s me here again, your you know poet Rachel, and this time, I am not dropping in for the Friday column, now how weird would that be for a Thursday. Well, I’m particularly excited to tell you that I featured on this day’s edition of PBG5ONE’s Thursday Video Content Thursday poetry. I did […]


This is a true story, and it all began when the man fell. I was to blame for this, cos it was my deeds. My mistake brought sin, I was to be judged guilty. Death stood smiling, holding the keys. I lost the life in me, But then there was a switch… The son of […]

10,000 smiles

We have an abundance hereWith every tick-tock We having thick talkAbout happiness. There’s a whole lot of self-love quotes flying aroundHappiness promoting woke statements tooSo I tell you, friend, We have an abundance of it here. Don’t let the default on rents fool youOr a kid’s school fees rants clue youI implore you not to […]

I was born a sinner

I was born a sinnerBut I promise I will be better. I didn’t choose the natureBut my choices ain’t yoursI grew up in streets that are hotFor the men are cold. I lay blamesLike for me, no good foundation was laid. I believe in a higher beingBut never needed HIM to get high and pleasedI […]

I don’t trust humans.

I don’t trust humansWhy should I? Same folks that make the peace sign with the index and middle fingerUse the same fingers to imitate a gun. And when writing me a peace letterSupports the biro tightly with the middle finger. Why should I trust humansHas my back only to stab me in the back. I […]