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UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (23)

During one of my exams (PHY111), I got to see UNIBEN Security men at work. There was a student that was about four (4) seats from where I was seated. He looked normal but there was something fishy about him. 30minutes into the exam, I was having a strange feeling that was familiar in a […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (14)

I couldn’t help myself from sweating from the eyes *_*… “I am sorry Okay? I have asked God for forgiveness, I know he has forgiven me but I need yours baby. I need you to tell me you have forgiven me and I want to share your pains, I might not know what you went […]

UNIBEN MEMOIRS | Untamed (2)

I have had people tell me how lucky I am; Bala you are so lucky, you don’t have to work for anybody, you are an only child and your Mum inherited billions of naira bleh! bleh!! bleh!!! Sometimes I wish I could trade all these things to have what normal people have, and by normal […]