The Difference Between Destined And Determined

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And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him [be] glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. -Revelation 1:6(KJV)

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Have you ever seen a poor king? And did the bible ever hint at priests being wretched? Well there goes why I had been really confused at how peasants came about, if He made none.

Well the answer came calling the other night when I was at a class working on the internet, a guy had just finished watching videos on youtube with my laptop and the next thing he said after a while was:

Some people are just destined to be great

He made that statement because of some videos he watched that had some celebs talking about their being times when they were really low with nothing of worth at all to their name.
And then I replied, it’s not that they were destined, that’s not just what it is, they were determined!
See life takes more than just you being destined to be great, we all are, the question is: Are you determined to achieve that greatness against all of life’ ill odds?.
It’s more of a thing of to make it in life after school you need more than just the knowledge that degree certifies you valid for, else every one that graduated would be living their dreams but rather most of the world billionaires didn’t even finish school.
I reckon Pa. E.A Adeboye once made known he didn’t even have a ring to place on his wife’ finger when they married, same man now ranks as one of the richest pastors in the world!

The answer to how amazing success stories came about is simple: DETERMINATION.

Have you ever wondered why some prophecies just never came true? Even when they came from reputable, genuine men of God? It’s always due to the determination of one person or another, let’s look at Jonah From the Bible first, did God eventually destroy Nineveh? No, because the people came around eventually with the determination of : “hell no we ain’t getting destroyed” and they acted against the prophecy.

There have been so many similar instances in our world today too, prophecies not coming about due to either the person it was for wasn’t working to bring it to reality while the person it was made against didn’t rest a second in seeing to it not getting fulfilled. Same thing applies to DESTINY too.

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Yes, you achieve by Grace but Grace need something to manifest through, you have to be doing something to achieve something you wanting. Man must till the land is beyond farming, it’s simply: Man Must Work (put in some effort) To Achieve.

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See, the point is; everyone is destined for greatness, but not everyone becomes determined to achieve.

So what is that thing you wanting? Where are you currently? are you going to rest on your oars or soar higher??? What are you doing with the now? If 2face wasn’t singing away idleness he won’t be 2Baba now…

To be destined is the venue, be determined, you walk in with work!

Have a successful day.

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